Normal WhatsApp V/S GBWhatsApp Pro Version Provide Extra Future


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WhatsApp is a primary social media cum messaging app for many users who want to share photos, videos, and much more with their contacts. But if you want to use WhatsApp with some extra features then apps like GB WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp can come to the rescue. These apps a lot of extra features and customizations that the official version of WhatsApp does not offer. Here is a comparison of features offered by both apps

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1. Customization
GBWhatsapp Features
Both the apps offer customization that the regular WhatsApp lacks. FM WhatsApp gives you the ability to change the color of your WhatsApp chats. It also has an option of themes available to change how the entire apps and its settings look. The theme store includes hundreds of themes that you can choose from as per your liking

GB WhatsApp is far ahead in terms of customization compared to GBWhatsApp. You can change the in-app fonts, change how the double tick looks, and how the chat bubbles look. The app goes far to provide you with an option where you can even change the way how your contact tabs look. Another added option is that you can changes the color of the icon appearing on your app tray to a different color

2. Privacy
GB Whatsapp features
In terms of options to stay private and anonymous, there are not many features in GB WhatsApp. Just like the regular WhatsApp, you can hide your last seen and read receipts. It also

But GB WhatsApp does provide some good privacy options that you might be looking for Here they are

You can hide your read receipts
You can conceal a grey double tick that shows the message delivered
There is an option in the app which will show you are online for 24 hours even if you have not kept the app open.
In regular WhatsApp, when you copy more than one message from chat, your name and time will also be copied with it, but in GB Whatsapp you have the ability to hide that.
You can also hide your last seen for only a specific list of WhatsApp contacts.
Also, you can set alerts for when one of your contacts changes their profile picture
3. Multimedia
For your day-to-day activities, regular WhatsApp has excellent features for media sharing. But it also has limitations as you cannot share more than 30 images and a max of 16MB video files at once. But both WhatsApp, as well as GB WhatsApp offers a lot more than these limits. You can share 60 images and data files bigger than 700MB at once in GBWhatsApp using a third-party app

GB Whatsapp has the option where you can send up to 90 images and audio files up to 100MB in one go. You can also download the status with a simple click in GB WhatsApp without using any third-party apps. The video limit is also increased for GB Whatsapp as now you can share videos up to 50MB in size. The modded app also allows you to share status up to 7 minutes of duration, unlike regular WhatsApp, which only allows 30 seconds

4.Other mod features
FM WhatsApp allows you to retrieve chats and status media even if the sender deletes them. You just have to go in settings and enable the option; you can later use it in the chats

5.GB Whatsapp Features
In regular WhatsApp, if you try to share a high-resolution image, the platform first compresses the image and reaches the recipient. But in FM WhatsApp, you can share the image without compression by enabling “Full Resolution Image Sharing” in settings

In terms of extra features, GB WhatsApp is packed with it. It provides you with security options where you can enable passcode to protect your essential chats. It is also possible to see the profile picture of group members when chatting in a group. Once you activate it you can see the image of a person corresponding to the group

How to download GB WhatsApp and Whatsapp

Once you download them from the links, you then have to allow unknown resources on your phone to install the app. This option can be found in Settings Security Unknown resources of your Android phone. After you enable the option, you can then install the app Make sure to uninstall the original WhatsApp app if you have it installed on your phone

The app is now installed, and you have to enter your mobile number to receive the OTP Once you receive the six-digit OTP you are not set and can enjoy all the app’s custom features

Final Point
Both the apps FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp are great and include features absent from the regular WhatsApp. But as they are not official, there is a very high possibility that your data can be exposed, and your privacy can be at risk. Therefore it is not advisable to use them if you want; you can use them at your own risk. The best option is to use regular WhatsApp as it comes with message encryption and timely updates.

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